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Monday, 25 July 2011


Did i really think that the healthy eating fad would last? To be honest NO! I was hoping to be able to write a post saying hey i lost 40lb, not bloody likely. So it is back to the daily grind of eating whatever is available. This is not really a problem as most leftovers in this household are foods that were cooked from scratch, admittedly the first meal is the more refined with the next day or so, something that is thrown together. Surely a lot of great recipes come from leftovers? Well not all, but a good percentage of meals and new recipes that probably stay only in your own household, end up as family standbys.
So lets forget Diets, save the environment and hopefully start writing this bloody blog again!
Hopefully in the coming weeks i will start writing some good recipes, as money has been a bit tight this last couple of months, expect frugality!

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